Helping people overcome their past so that they can embrace their future

  • You feel afraid all the time. No matter how hard you try you cannot seem to stop yourself worrying about everything.
  • At times you feel overwhelmed, other times you feel numb.
  • You never feel good enough. You feel you should be happy with the life you have but despite your best efforts you cannot seem to fill the empty feeling inside.
  • You endured a difficult childhood and you feel it’s impact on you everyday.
  • You struggle in your relationships with others. You feel alone and disconnected.
  • It feels as though the same things keep happening in your relationships with others but you don’t know why or how to change this cycle.
  • You have experienced trauma or loss and are struggling to move beyond what happened.
  • You are in pain much of the time and are struggling to cope.

Welcome. I am so glad that you are here.

I know how daunting it can be to seek help when you are struggling. Sometimes the idea of sharing your fears and distress and allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be terrifying. Maybe you have been thinking about seeing a therapist for a while but have yet to take that next step, unsure how to find the right person for you. Perhaps you have had therapy before but did not find the relief you were hoping for. Things can be different. It can be better. Allow me to stand beside you and together we can find a way forward towards the life that you want.

About Me

I’m a Clinical Psychologist passionate about helping people recover from trauma.


I provide individual therapy for adults as well as clinical supervision for therapists.


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